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Interpersonal Communication Study NotesChapter OneHuman communicationProcess of making sense out of the wordsSharing that sense with othersInterpersonal communicationProcess of interacting with others mutually influencing each other and managing relationshipsTreating people as a uniqueCommunicate in a Ithou relationshipContains true dialogue and honest sharing of selfImproves relationships and ones physical and emotional healthImpersonal communicationTreating people as objects Responding only to their rolesCommunicate in an Iit relationshipMechanical and stilted no honest sharing of selfThree models for human and interpersonal communication human communication ad action interaction and transactionModel 1 actionoNoise NoiseNoiseosource messagechannelmessagereceiverModel 2 interactionoNoise NoiseNoiseosource messagechannelmessagereceiveroFEEDBACKo NoiseModel 3 TransactionoNoise NoiseNoiseosourcemessagefeedbacksourceoreceiverreceiverIs simultaneously interactive Meaning is created based on mutual concurrent sharing of ideas and feelingsComponents of the transaction modelSource sends messageReceiver decodes the message Message is the communication to which people assign meaningChannel is the pathway through which messages are sentNoise is any info that interferes with the reception of the messageEncode translates ideas feelings and thoughts into a codeDecodes interprets ideas feeling and thoughts that have been put in codeContext is the physical and psychological communication environmentFeedback is the response to a messageMedicated interpersonal communication With others establish or maintained using media such as email phoneSocial information processing theoryExplains how people use information they receive via email and other electronicsto develop relationships with othersThe richness of communication channel is measured by1Amount of feedback the communicator receives
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