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Essay QuestionWork can be dangerous to womens health and well being it can also be a site of victimization What sorts of victimization are anurse bstrippers and cdomestic workers vulnerable to in Canada How can we understand this violence in relation to broader social stratifications specific law contexts state policies and social scriptsdiscourse Reflect on how we can make sense of the similarities and differences in these three case studiesIntro paragraphoCanada is considered one of the frontrunners in global democracy where everyone has the right to an equal status socially economically and politically There however is one glaring part that is missing from this and that is the equality for women When we look at the status of women in the workforce especially one can see that there are obvious miscues and large obstacles that women must overcome to even survive in Canada Taking a closer look at strippers nurses and domestic workers one will see that social stratifications state policy and law and social scripts help contribute to an overall violent atmosphere Nurses Paragraph Acts of aggression by clients nurses situationalOccurs when a dispute arises during the course of a transaction between a client and worker and the client decides to get violentNot premediatedNurseso94 of nurses are womeno34of reports are actually reportedoA reason why people attack nurses is because of stalled services They hate waitingoWhat nurses need are better security metal detectors programs to deal with violent situationsoThey dont report these crimes because they dont want to be held accountable be blamed for the actionoLateral violence is when peers of same power mess with each other such as nurse manager against nurse manager
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