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ENG 2102 Study Guide - Final Guide: Surrealism, The Fortnightly Review, IntertextualityPremium

4 pages67 viewsWinter 2017

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ENG 2102
Jennifer Mac Quarrie
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Canadian Lit II Exam Review
Concepts, Key Terms, and Movements:
Sub-set of modernism
Officially launched in 1912 when Ezra Pound read and marked a poem by Hilda Doolittle
“In the Station of the Metro” Pound
Direct treatment of the ‘thing’ whether is was subjective or objective
Focused on using the right word and only the right word, with no extras
Not written in a specific meter/ structure, should flow melodically
Reaction against Georgian Romanticism
Profoundly influenced free verse poets through the 20th century
Strong influence for the McGill group from 20’s-50’s
The assurances of religion, politics, and society no longer work to reassure people.
History is coming to an end.
Modern life is futile.
Art has replaced religion as the guiding force to make sense of the world.
Seek back to ancient myths or far futures for inspiration.
Artists must reject the past and create one’s own sense of coherence.
Literature should unsettle readers.
Commonalities: resistance to forms of conventional realism
Reject the notion that literature can neutrally mirror the external world
Self-conscious about their own technique, knowledgeable about recent developments in
psychology and physics, and concerned with real-life.
Locus amoenus: an idealized place of safety or comfort, usually a beautiful, shady lawn or open
woodland, or a group of idyllic islands (think Shire)
Surrealism: juxtapositive imagery, rapidity of association, parataxis, and concern with psychic
wholeness, reverence for the unconscious, fascination with dream and its representation
Parataxis: another thing and another, and and and
Ekphrasis: writing about visual images: tension between verbal and visual
Formalist/ New Criticism:
Focus on form and structure
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