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Geology Lecture 3Prelude to Earth MaterialsWe think we understand the composition of other planets by learning about Earths rocks and minerals 3 rock types 1015 mineral typesrock aggregate of 1 or more minerals eg saltmineral natural inorganic solidThree Rock Typesigneous originally molten material once lava then cooled and crystalizedsedimentary originally weathered and broken preexisting rock that is compacted and cemented together Never moltenmetamorphic any preexisting rock that has undergone Temperature Pressure or structural changesRock Cycle insert diagramRock in the mantle of the earth melts into magma solidified and can become igneous metamorphic or sedimentary rocksPlate TectonicsEarth is made up of a series of dynamic moving plates The pattern these plates form and deform are not random but are predictablePattern recognition earthquakes occur where mountains risevolcanoes explode Along plate margins are where earthquakes occurTheory of Plate TectonicsOuter portion of the Earth is composed of platesThe plates move slowly rate of fingernail growth cmyrMost large scale geological activity occurs at plate boundariesInterior of plates are relatively geologically quietPlate Map
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