HSS 1100 Study Guide - Final Guide: Lactase, Trichinella, Syphilis

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HSS 1100 Full Course Notes
HSS 1100 Full Course Notes
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Gram positive colli: -grape like cluster: staphylococci: Toxins: streptolysins (o+s): beta-h and toxic to neurtrophils and macrophages. Streptoccocal pyrogenic exotoxins (specs) scarlet fever rash. Toxic shock syndrome toxins (exotoxin c and enterotoxin f) Acute tonsillitis lad to rheumatic heart disease scarlet fever. Diplicocci pairs polysaccharide capsule antiphagocytic properties. Early septicaemia: respiratory distresss or shocok at birth high fatality rare. Waterhouse freiderichsen syndrome: severe form of septicaemia high fatality rate. Diseminated gonococal infection (dgi): bacteremia low grade fever, skin infection. P0x1: 3 proteins: edema factor, protective antigens, lethal factor. 2 enterotoxin: heat labile, heat stable (more severe) shorter incubation rate. Gas gangrene (i) wound infection/ cellulitis: crackly pockets of gas, necrotic, damage to local tissue (ii) clostrdial myonecrosis: into muscles, degrade muscle, blackish fluid excreted from skin. Colonization of pharynx grayish pseudomembran e composed of fibrin leuocytes. General malaise, diarrhea, meningitis, septicaemia, still birth/ abortions. Damages heart and neural cells (interfers with protein synthesis)