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Politics NotesDefinition of political sciencePolitical science is generally understood to be the study of the governmental processthe dynamics and institutions of public governanceThe politics is the proves of making building decisions to allocate scarceresources within the societyDavid Easton described this process as authoritative allocation of valuesHarold LA swell Phrase who gets what when and haveTwo universal characteristics of war politics conflict and power are linkedConflict happens because1Of competition for scarce resources2Competition of different goalseconomic or socialPoliticsthe subject matter of political science underlines a giant variety of human interactionsPolitical Sciencewe can be better informed about how about govern themselves how polices are made and how we can improve our governmental policies local state national and international levelsPolitical Science revolves around a discussion of contacts such as governmental power conflict state statesociety relations and public policyPower is the ability to make other do what heshe would otherwise not doThere are the variants of power1Influence 2Coercion3Ability Although all 3 are used authority has the most significance for political governanceInfluence and coercion have limited value so far as governments are concerned although both are used extensively in all political systemsAuthority is the political systems can on to make binding sessions regarding the allocation of resources If authority is the right to command legit many us the response to commandMax Weber 18641920 distinguishes between charismatic tradiotnal and legal authorityTraditional authority is derived from a respect for the sanctity of traditionCharismatic authority is based on the extraordinary of qualities and mission of the charismatic leaderLegal authority is based on legal principles and if is the rule of law the legitimizes the authorityPolitics is defined as the authoritative allocation of resources can be found in all organizations for example family a church a union a cooperation
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