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Chapter 11 Motivation and Work1Motivational Concepts The why of behaviour direct and energize behaviourAInstincts TheoryInstincts motivate human behaviour Instincts are genetically determined predisposition to behave in a specific way when a specific stimulus is present all members of a species would behave the same way to this specific stimulus Genes play a huge role in behaviourBDrivesIncentivesWe have basic biological needs water food warmth sex The needs must be satisfied When the needs are not satisfied tension is increased within us Drives push us to act to decrease the tension within usIncentives there are external rewards which motivate us to do things money cars degreesCOptimal ArousalBoth humans and animals are motivated to obtain an optimum level of arousal If arousal is too low we feel tired bored and try to bring it up If arousal level is too high we work hard to bring it down because it is also uncomfortable DA Hierarchy of Motives Maslow We have physiological and psychological needs They motivate us to take action to satisfy those needs Some needs will take preference over others Some needs must be satisfied first to follow up to higher levels of needs 1 Physiological needs must be satisfied first then follows2 safety needs shelter protection then follows 3 Love needs Love care belonging then follows 4 Selfesteem needs then follows 5 selfactualizationthe need to live with potential lastly is 6 selftranscendence the need to find meaning purpose outside of the self to help othersHungerAThe physiology of HungerRelationship between empty stomach and hunger No stomach You would still feel hungry and have an appetite
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