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Sights and Soundso45 minute old copying facial expressions attentiveoPrefer complex stimuli over simple stimuliwill spend more time observing the complex stimuli ex prefer a picture of a face over a picture of a circleoPrefer human sounds and human face stimuli over others eg prefer overoWithin hours of birth can differentiate mothers face from other womenSmelloStarts in the wombeg mother eat a lot of garlic during pregnancy baby will be born and able to recognize the smell of garlicoPrefer the smell of their mother over other women hours after birthIInfancyChildhoodAPhysical DevelopmentoMaturation genetically driven processgenes determine exact sequence of development in certain areas or skills eg language centres motor developmentoBrain development billions of neurons at birth yet brain immatureConnections not made yet size of adult brain at birthrapid growthby age 2 75 size adult brainperiod by age 6 910 size adult brainPruning any synapse that is not used will die off helps brain work betteroMaturation and memoryChildhood amnesia as adults we cant remember the first 3 years of life because centres in brain responsible for longterm memory storage not matured yet3years4 years old conscious memoriesEvidence of memories during infancy early childhoodEvidence of memories afteroStudy 10 years oldshowed pictures of strangers and children they went to preschool with
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