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Stress and healthRelation between mind and body considered a physical illness could threaten well beingPsychophysiologicalpsychosomatic illness caused by psych factorsStimulus caused by environmental factors that lead to physical responseLife events catastrophes life changes daily hassles Stress as Response Dr Hans Selyes General adaptation syndromeStage 1 the alarm reaction primitive reflexes kick in from your nervous system short of breath tense muscle ectStage2 Resistancesubconsciously redefine continually stressed state as normalleads to inefficient functioningStage 3 exhaustion fatigue adrenal exhaustion and weakened immune systemHoromonal brain signaladrenal cortexrelease of cortisolNeural signal from brainadrenal meduallaepinephrine and norepinephrineraised blood pressureResponsesPsychologicalworry loss of confidence feeing upsetBodily rapid pulse pounding heart perspirationBehavioural accident proneness increaseddecreased eating or sleepingCoronary heart disease clogging of vessels that nourish the heart muscleleading cause of death in many developed countriesLymphocytes 2 types of white blood cells blymophocytesform in the bone marrow and release antibodies that fight bacterial infectionstlymphocytes form in the thymus and attack cancer cells viruses and foreign substancesthe nervous systemans fightflight acutecns perceived threat chronicHeart disease is the leading cause of death in US in 2000 lifestyle related
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