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Machiavelli The Prince DocumentaryMachiavelli was a civil servant in Italy Even today his name is contributed with evil He wrote the book The Prince which explains what leaders should do Narrator As a leader you must protect your power without it youre nothing Machiavelli is considered the first political thinker in the Christian era who systematically analyzed the environments of power and survival Dr Henry Kissinger Former US Secretary of State This book is about power political power in a time where cities were ruled by men called princes The book was twentysix short chapters on the analysis and opinion that ranged from the classification of government to advice on selecting staff It tells the prince that before anything else you must first learn to fight to be ruthless and cruel to lie break his word and ready to violate both moral and religious principles when needed Although it also stresses the need to appear compassionate moral and devout Some say Machiavelli invented modern politics NarratorA gap between how one should live and how one does live is so wide that the man who neglects what is actually done for what should be done is on the way to self destruction Machiavelli focused on what was actually done He was interested in anatomizing the wold of politics and the world of history Hanna H Gray Professor of History of University of Chicago One of the uglier discoveries of Machiavelli is the idea that the end justifies the means Narrator In the actions of all men and especially of princes where there are no court of appeal One judges by resultsMachiavelli is very clear that the end is what counts which is considered a tough argument to make Roger D Masters Author Machiavelli Leonardo and the Science of Power Where would you draw the line to prevent evil from happening Would you lie Violate treaties Assassinate people If youre winning a war and your enemy is all but finished how far would you go to minimize your own casualties Machiavelli was acquainted with the moral ambiguitys of power he was a realist Narrator Machiavelli pursued what some would call immoral realism What he was trying to do was create something that didnt exist up to that point the nation state Italy Gary Hart Former US Senator Like politicians today Machiavelli justifies harsh or deceitful means as necessary to the common good but his focus is on the presence or absence of power What is it How do you get it How do you keep it His era is a time turbulent contradiction new ideas and technologies are going through Europe and the medieval system is collapsing This era is
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