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thFeb 14 after midterm first class SOC1101Exploring the socialQuestionsSocializationThe selfGo green The concept of socialization socialization refers to the ways in which individuals attempt to align their own thoughts feelings and behaviour to fit into society or groups the process in which individuals incorporate society into their senses of selfNature vs Nurture debateTo interact with others we must learn the social rules The norms of a societyculture which tell us those behaviours are acceptable and which are unacceptable The nurture argumentSocial isolation and feral children children deprived of human contact have limited intellectual capacities have no or limited experience with love or human interaction and do not grasp language sociologists believe that social reality is constructed by people every time they interact with others Agents of socialization family friends school work relationships and mass media outcomes of socialization include gender role moral development orientation towards social class Adult socialization in adulthood socialization is concerned with equipping the individual to function effectively in adult rolesRole acquisition the major roles we acquire as adults include spouse parent work roles grandparent and retiree midlife 4060 involves several role transitionsmarital divorce widowhoodparental children leave homecaregiver children and aging parents work entry or exit anticipatory socializationactivities that provide people with knowledge about skills for and values of a role they have not assumed
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