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SOC 2106

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• Discourses (M. Foucault)
- By the term discourse he means a structured conversation concerned with the production
and the employment of knowledge
Structured components of a discourse:
- Definition of prooblems
- Ways of investigation
- Knowledge about the problem
- Treatment
Modes of objectification
1. Dividing practices
2. Classification
3. Subjectification
• Child abuse (S. Pfahl : «The discovery of childabuse»)
- The perception of child abuse as deviance is a recent phenomenon
Periods: Ancient to the mid 19th century
- English common law gave guardians limitless power over children
Periods: Mid 19th- 20th century
- In the USA, the House of refuge Movement sought to stem the deviant behaviour of city
dwellers by removing young people in danger of corruption
- The aim was not to protect the child but to reduce the probability that immoral behaviour
would be transferred from parent to child
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