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Weber Test PrepWebers LifeBorn in 1864 in Erfurt GermanyWealthy family oldest of 8 kidsFather Max Weber SrWealthy civil servant His salon welcomes many scholarsGrew up well offMother Helene WeberHuguenot family early Protestantism very religiousAsceticabstinence from many pleasurescontrast with fatherWeber himself was not very religious but was very interested in religion He had an education and met famous theoreticians and scientists when he moved to Berlin as a young boyHe learned many languages and read heavilyWent to the University of Heidelberg to study broadly law economics history philosophy and ended with a law degree and transferred to University of BerlinMember of a duelling fraternityduelled with swordsDid military service in Strasbourg and was able to study on the sidelinesHe wanted to obtain a doctorate in law and in teaching He studied Commercial Societies in Italian Cities during his law doctorateFound a job replacing his old professor at the University of BerlinMarried his fathers great niece Marianne and they had a loveless marriage Became a professor at the University of Freiberg teaching economicsWeber introduced to neoKantianism by colleague Heinrich Rickert Less importance of natural sciences math bio and emphasis on human sciences history
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