Week 16 Part2

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Reid/ Curran

Week 16: Lecture Slides: #23: Selection #26: Step 1 Preliminary Applicant Screening #27: Step 2 Selection Testing #28: Importance of Reliability and Validity #29: Types of Validity #30: Types of Validity #35: Step 3 The Selection Interview #36: Step 3 The Selection Interview #39: Common Interviewing Mistakes #40: Designing an Effective Interview #42: Step 4 BackgroundReference Checks #44: Step 5 Supervisory Interview and Realistic Job Preview #45: Step 5 Supervisory Interview and Realistic Job Preview #46: Step 6 Hiring Decision and Candidate Notification #47: Step 6 Hiring Decision and Candidate Notification Textbook: The Strategic Importance of Employee Selection Selection is the process of choosing among individuals who have been recruited to fill existing or projected job openings. Whether considering current employees for a transfer or promotion or outside candidates for a first-time position with the firm, information about the applicants must be collected and evaluated. Selection begins when a pool of applicants has submitted their resumes or completed application forms as a result of the recruiting process. Successful candidates must fit with the strategic direction of the organization. When a poor selection decision is made and the individual selected for the job isnt capable of acceptable performance in the job, strategic objectives will not be met. Also, when a successful employee must be terminated, the recruitment and selection process must begin all over again, and the new worker must be properly trained. Important because: o Quality of worker determines the organizations performance o Time consuming and costly if selecting the wrong person o Significant legal implications Guidelines for avoiding legal problems: o Selection criteria based on the job o Adequate assessment of applicant ability o Careful scrutiny of applicant-provided information o Written authority for reference checking o Save all records and information o Reject applicants who make false statements Selection ratio is the ratio of the number of applicant hired to the total number of applicants The Selection Process Most firms use a sequential selection system involving a series of successive steps a multiple-hurdle strategy. Step 1: Preliminary Applicant Screening www.notesolution.com
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