Summary #4: Plato(Glaucon's Challenge)

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Diana Raffman

Plato (Glaucons Challenge): Plato, along with his student Aristotle, was one of the two most important philosophers of antiquity and is among the most important figures in the entire Western intellectual tradition. His wide-ranging discussions addressed nearly every philosophical topic imaginable. Writings that take the form of dialogues that feature his teacher Socrates. The selection that appears here is drawn from Platos long dialogue, The Republic. In the passage, two characters, Platos teacher Socrates, and Platos brother Glaucon, are engaged in a conversation about the nature and value of justice. Glaucon, the challenger, advocates the view that the only reason people act justly is because they believe that doing so will help them attain desirable ends (rewards, and good things). He believes that it is better in every way to be just than unjust He believes that we welcome good things not for their own sake, but for the sake of rewards and other things that come from them. He looks at what justice and injustice are by themselves in the soul, leaving out the rewards and the other things that come from each of them. The three main things he argues are: 1. What justice and injustice are? 2. He argues that those who practice it do so unwillingly, as something necessary, not as something good. 3. Hell argue that they have a good reason to act as they do, for the life of an unjust person is, they say, much better than that of a just one. -Question 1: Laws and covenants have been made, and wh
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