ANTA02H3 Study Guide - Azawagh Arabs, Haratin, Quran

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19 Feb 2011

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mostly empty spot in the center of the map of west africa lies the azawagh region of. Niger, a sparsely populated stretch of savannah where the gently undulating grasslands of the west african sahel meet the drier harsher desert. roughly the size of austria but is home to only 85,000 people, predominantly from four ethnic groups. The landscape against which azawash arab women pack their bodies until overflowing with plentiful, moist fat and veiled folds of allure exhibits anything but those bountiful traits to the outsider. Desolate, flat semi-desert under a giant dome of blasting sky. niger appears to one from greener climes to azawagh arabs the terrain that they consider earth"s basic form is rich and diverse. women could list dozens of local plants that were used to treat human illnesses explaining in detail how the leaves or bark could be cooked, group.

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