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Maggie Cummings

Anthro Study Notes Essay Notes Quote from Page 143. Phillipe Bourgouis - “This book's argument – as conveyed in its title – is that people like Primo & Caesar have not passively accepted their structural victimization” − crack dealers are victims of structural forces − struggle for respect against these forces by embracing street culture and underground economy − become agents of their own destruction & further oppression by doing so. Structural Victimization – being called “jibaros” & accepting that − workplace racism – being called illiterate & looking it up in the dictionary − structure being workplace, workplace racism = institutionalized racism − gender discrimination & gender rolls switched and foreign to them − women are bosses to men, women are more superior in the service sector Agents of their own Demise – choosing to listen to the racism − going coke & dope binging & contributing to self destruction − accepting the name/label of jibaro − cultural capital – doing what they know – fail at legit work, so go back to heroin & coke − internalize the racism & agree with it, therefore depression and addiction Embracing Street Culture – Service/FIRE sector takes away street culture − street culture enhances ability to get respect & money − clothing & symbolic power, clothes = dignity/power – take away “street clothes”, take away power − Weapons of the Weak – James C. Scott − if they feel they are being attacked, they will attack back to the attackers − the vulnerable will attack the more vulnerable − doing half asses jobs: showing up late, striking back etc. Term Notes Agency vs. Structure Define: Agency – power of individuals to choose what to do/how to act (based on intentions) Structure – Larger forces such as political economy, institutions etc. (shapes options one has) Compare: In search of Respect − crack dealers are victims of structural forces (government, police etc) − against structural forces by embracing street culture & underground economy Significance: − Majority of themes have structures and agencies − structures = culture, what defines the options an individual has (traditions etc) − agents = people, people in the culture making the decisions Racism Define: discriminatory remarks/actions to another race to imply one race is superior than another race Compare: In Search of Respect − they feel like “Jibaros”, feeling vulnerable at work (institutionalized racism) Significance − Throughout course we looked at a lot of cultures and races. Always a negative to a posit
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