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ANTC09 Final Exam Study SheetTransnational adoption child care arrangement in which a couple adopts a child into their family who is of a different nationality than them and across borders Transnational adoption must meet requirements of both the adoptees and adopters countries of residence An example is an American couple adopting a Chinese newborn from ChinaKinning the process by which a fetus or new born child or previously unattached person is brought into a significant and permanent relationship with a group of people that is expressed in a kin idiomTransubstantiation the incorporation of transnational adopted children into their adopted parents kin network The biological essence of the child ie outward appearance remains the same while the social essence ie being self is changed through incorporation to the new kin network or kinning o Divided into 4 stagesPrepregnancy begins when a couple decides they want to have a childPregnancy begins when a couple is approved by authorities to adopt a child Unlike physical pregnancy the duration is uncertain may take up to 3 years in NorwayBirth begins when a child is allocated to a couple and follows through to childs arrival and initial period after arrivalDaily lifePlanting a child the process by which a child is symbolically planted into its new community and kinship network by distancing it from its biological origins through immersing it in itsnew culture This is done to incorporate a new social identity ie cause transubstantiation eg dressing them in Norwegian clothes picturing them doing Norwegian thingsBunad the Norwegian national costume worn on Norwegian holidays and special occasionsReturn visitsMotherland tours return visits to the adoptees country of origin This is primarily to help the adoptee acknowledge the dual source of their identity and also to confirm them as a kinned Norwegian or whatever kin they were adopted to personUS Adoption policies most adoption records are not open but are instead sealed and the child no longer sees or has other contact with the birth parents at least until age 18Biological mothers vs adoptive mothers primarily touched on in Gaileys article it refers to the clashing ideologies of motherhood that surface in custodyadoption cases Is the biological mother more important than the social mother Is there a unique connection made between a woman and her biological child ie birth bondObstacles in adoptingMissing girls the imbalance in China relating to the number of female to male babies The ratio reveals a lower than expected number of girls to boys with girls missing This could eventually cause a marriage squeeze in ChinaOverseas Korean Foundation a division of South Koreas Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Kims article that staged a wedding ceremony in which adoptees became reacquainted with South Korean culture OKF directs motherland tours and immerses visiting adoptees intensely in
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