ACMA01 (Exploring Key Questions In The Humanities): Tutorial Notes

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Arts Culture and Media
Sarah Kleeb

ACMA01 Exploring Key Questions In HumanitiesTutorial 3 January 23 2014 Documentary Film notes Real Bad Arabs How Hollywood Vilifies a People 50 minutes America inherited its image of Arabs from the Europeans Setting Desert is always visible palm trees with a castle that has a dungeon Snake charmers flying carpets etc Aladdins opening song is They cut off your ear if they dont like your face Its barbaric but hey its homeHow could a producer open a childrens movie like this Arabs are portrayed as barbaric violent womanizers etc Many movies make a joke out of them Arab women are portrayed as bellydancers terrorists bundles in black who are in the shadows The Arab image began to change after WW1 due to the Arab Oil which rised and the IranianRevolution where Iranian protester took American hostages etc The Sheikh is also an important figure Network 1976 has the most racist view of Arabs where a show host rants about Arabs anddemands his viewers to seek change Palestinians are seen as violent in many movies especially towards Israelis Movies never show the innocent Palestinians who are victimized Rules of Engagement 2000 shows military forces opening fire on a large crowd of Yemenisincluding womenchildren Later in the movie it is revealed that the Yemenis opened fire first This is bad because it justifies the death of even womenchildren Islamophobia Fear of IslamArabs 911 Influenced people to think that the people who were involved represent all Muslims The stereotype is invisible because we grew up with
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