BIOA02H3 Study Guide - Basil, Herb, Microsoft Excel

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26 Jul 2011
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BIOA02H3 Full Course Notes
BIOA02H3 Full Course Notes
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Genovese basil and variety b = rubin basil. This experiment is designed to determine whether there is a significant difference between the growth characteristics of basil (ocimum basilicum) seedlings. There are two varieties of basil seedlings being used, variety a = genovese basil & variety b = rubin. Basil is known to be a culinary herb which is mainly used in italian cuisine, but is also quite famous in countries such as thailand, vietnam and laos. The plant has a strong taste, sweet smell and is pungent and is usually found in warm & tropical climates. The herb also has a number of different essential oils which come together in different proportions for various breeds. (chalchat and zcan, 2008) The question that arises from the background observations of basil properties of different varieties is that whether or not there are significant differences present between them. The purpose is to distinguish the seedlings according to their root length, weight and shoot.

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