BIOC58H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Benthic Zone, Solar Irradiance, Flattened Rice

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16 Sep 2020

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Please note that this is not a comprehensive practice exam. This is merely a sample of the type of questions you will face on your midterm exam. I will post the answers to the multiple choice and true/false questions online. Note that i will not post the answers to the other short answer questions, but please feel free consult me during my office hours or by email if you have questions regarding them. The lecture active learning questions are intended to be used as practice questions, also. Multiple choice section: read each question carefully and fill in the best answer by bubbling in the corresponding circle on your scantron. If you make a mistake, make sure to completely erase one answer before filling in the next bubble. 1: below is a figure showing temperature differences for the last 400,000 years.