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Joanne Nash

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lec07 documentary on parkinsons disease 1. freezes body movements but leaves mind intact 2. can treat parkinsons with a street drug that is illegal and dangerous 3. condition that slowly freezes the body 4. 1/5 people get parkinsons, particularly in the 60s 5. drugs with side effects 6. symptoms a. rigidity, slowness of movement, tremor 7. "everything goes really heavy" 8. "...its as if theres a dead horse attached to it" 9. missing vital neurotransmitter in brain -- dopamine 10. cells that make dopamine are dying 11. dropamine triggers chain reaction in the brain that tells him to move 12. L-dopa is the treatment for parkinsons disease 13. helped get movement back again -- but for a while 14. but there are serious side effects a. still gives movement, but movement is erratic and abnormal b. introduction of involuntary movements i. twisting of limbs and bodies 15. even the process of talking requires the use of muscles and vocal cords a. so in order to perform the more defined movements, he needs to stop talking 16. natural dopamine is released in tune to body's needs a. but L-dopa is given periodically -- resulting in a negative side effect 17. still no consensus on how parkinsons disease is caused 18. getting parkinsons while you're younger results in more severe symptoms, drugs also wear off much more quickly 19. belief that dopamine can cure parkinsons a. but cannot find anything that can mimic the effects of L-dopa 20. eureka moment a. MDMA -- ecstacy i. caused release of movement control 21. effects of e
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