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Lana Mikhaylichenko

NameStudent NumberORGANIC CHEMISTRY II FINAL EXAMthAUGUST 132011 TIME ALLOWED 180 minNO MODELS OR CALCULATORS ALLOWEDNO PAGERS OR MOBILE PHONES ALLOWEDWRITE YOUR NAME AND STUDENT NUMBER ON EVERY PAGE OF THE EXAMONLY THE ANSWERS PROVIDED ON THE ANSWER SHEET WILL BEMARKEDROUGH WORK SHOULD BE DONE ON THE QUESTION PAGESNO OTHER PAPER MAY BE USED IN THIS EXAM Read through the test before you beginSection I MCQ 20210Section II1362538 48529 640 Total Marks156MULTIPLE CHOICE Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question 20 marks 2 marks each1Which is the base peakA 100B 29C 45D 15E 442 A prominent M18 peak suggests that the compound might be an A Ether B Ketone C AlkaneD AlcoholE Primary amine3Which one of the following best represents the predicted approximate chemical shift and coupling for the hydrogens indicated with the arrowA100 ppm quartetB240 ppm singletC100 ppm triplet D240 ppm quartetE300 ppm quartet2
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