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CHMA11H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Trigonal Planar Molecular Geometry, Boiling Point, Molecular Geometry

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Multiple choice. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or
answers the question.
1) What is the molecular geometry of ClF4-?
a) Seesaw B) tetrahedral
c) square planer D) Square pyramidal
2) Using the VSEPR model, the geometry of the electron groups around the central atom in
SF4 is
a) Octahedral
b) Trigonal planar
c) Linear
d) Linear
e) Trigonal bipyramidal
3) Determine the vapor pressure (in mmHg) of a substance at 29oC , whose normal boiling
point is 76oC and has a Hvap of 38.7 kJ/mol. You may use the Claussius-Clapeyron
Ln(P2)-ln(P1) = -Hvap / R [1/T2 – 1/] and note that 1 atm = 760 mmHg.
4) Which is expected to have the largest dispersion forces?
A) F2B) C12H26 C) BeCl2d) C3H8
5) Consider the phase diagram below. If the dshed line at 1atm of pressure is followed from
100 to 500 oC, what phase changes will occur(in order of increasing temperature)?

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A) Condensation, followed by vaporization
B) Sublimation, followed by deposition
C) Melting, followed by vaporization
D) Vaporization followed by deposition
E) No phase change will occur under the conditions specified
6) How much energy must be removed from a 125 g sample of benzene (molar mass=
78.11 g/mol) at 425.0K to liquify the sample the sample and lower the temperature to
335.0k? the following physical data may be useful.
Hvap = 33.9kJ/mol
Hfus = 9.8kJ/mol
Cliq = 1.73 J/goC
Cgas = 1.06 J/goC
Csol= 1.51 J/goC
Tmeling = 279.0 K
Tboiling = 353.0 K
a) 95.4kJ b) 67.7 kJ C) 54.3 kJ D) 74.4 kJ E) 38.9 kJ
7) Indentify the compound that does not have dipole-dipole forces as its strongest force.
a) CH2Cl2
b) CO2
c) CH3Br
d) CH3OCH3
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