CHMA11H3 Study Guide - Molality, Mole Fraction, Chloroform

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17 Feb 2011
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CHMA11H3 Full Course Notes
CHMA11H3 Full Course Notes
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Chapter 12: solutions solution: a homogenous mixture of two or more substances or components. The majority component is typically called the solvent and the minority component is called the solvent. Thirsty solutions are those that have the tendency toward mixing (ex: salt water) aqueous solutions: water is the solvent, and a solid, liquid, or gas is the solute. solubility: the amount of the substance that will dissolve in a given amount of solvent. entropy: the measure of energy randomization or energy dispersal in a system. The mixture of two gases has greater energy dispersal, or entropy, than the separated components. miscible: the ability of two or more substances to be soluble in each other in all proportions. Like dissolves like : polar solvents tend to dissolve many polar or ionic solutes and non-polar solvents tend to dissolve many non-polar solutes.

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