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1 Feb 2012

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Proves how science and logic have ignored feelings and the body to the point that scientific discourse itself has become hysterical in its attempt to prove existence. Lucky keeps trying to authenticate his what he says with references to other things which lack authenticity can relate to two notable perspectives. holocaust (systematic genocide of 6 million people) - where hitler had pushed europe into barbarism and genocide; justifying mass murder as the. Existentialism: existentialism asserts meaninglessness but its the responsibility of the individual to create meaning (which is the human purpose; to live authentically, in good faith, aware of freedom and responsibility) In reference to the speech, the existential view states that our purpose is to confront our exisitence but this is not what vladamir and estragon do, they wait. To break it down, waiting for godot confronts the unpleasant truth about the human condition.

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