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ENGA11 - midterm prep for essay

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Garry Leonard

stWith the start of the 21 century in a grim and desperate state 1 13 ways of looking at a Blackbird y Each blackbird represents a version of the truth stanza 3 small part of pantomime y Other parts of the whole truth may be visible in other minds just as a tree with has three blackbirds of three minds y Freud says unconscious is a blackbird y What we see is only a small part of the whole picture y So to understand the bigger picture and basically our origins we have to combine many truths which is contrary to modern day commercials and what they present to us y Todays commercials claim that their products hold the one and only truth that the truth can be weight loss antiwrinkle creams or we but the main point is that they lead people to believe that the product is the only version of the truth y However the reality is that there are many versions of the truth y Of the policticians who make decisions how much of what they should be seeing do they
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