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Final exam Review

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Garry Leonard

ENGB70A Maurice Final Exam Study Guide Format The exam will be divided into three sections definitions matchingfill in the blank short answer including clip analysis and questions like those on the midterm and an essay question The first two sections will draw on material we studied AFTER the midterm The essay will be comparative asking you to compare 2 or 3 films and might draw from anything we watched all semester The essay might ask you to compare films according to subject matter themes techniques or any combination of these Studying Obviously you should have done all the reading watched all the films and studied your lecture notes In terms of the textbook if we didnt cover something at all in lecture it will not be on the exam However there are some things we might have just touched on in lecture that were discussed in more detail in the textbook you would be responsible for those For termsdefinitions you should look at the textbook glossary or definitions within the chapters as well as any definitions I gave in lecture
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