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Michelle Majeed

FarmerGeography of BlameGeography of Blame Idea that Haitians brought AIDS to USA BUT It was USAHaitiGlobalization1American Phase MSM2 Feminization of the Urban3 RuralizationEpidemiological TransitionGlobalization 1 Greater interconnectedness between people and placeswith greater travel people contract new diseases that they are not vaccinated for because they are only immunized for Critical Epistemologytheir region2 Rising in Global inequalitiesPoor move into cities and live in Shantytowns overcrowdingand spread of disease3 Turn towards the Marketless availability to health institutionsLinked to Epidemiological Transition As a country moves through development it does through Packardappropriate predictable epidemiological transformationsAs development increases death due to infectious technologyon midterm diseases decreases and chronic diseases increaseAKCritical Epistemology Critique on why we use certain concepts what are the silences Farmer belives that certain concepts are uncritically used and help to maintain certain power relationsEx Exotic ReemergingIt is important to understand who is using these terms and to term what TreichlerContinent in AgonyWent to HIVAIDS in Africa conferences and found that everyone was attributing it to culture This is problematic because it blames the victimPolitics of RepresentationContinent in Agony Africa was seen to be a continent where all the countries were effected the Teleologysame It essentializes the continent and adds to the exoticized people blaming their tradition and behavior This ignores all parts of Africa cultures religion and languagePolitics of Representation Linked to Essentialism Africans seen as uniterested in being healthy Linked to Famer or treated passive and had uneducated women These women werent allowed or invited to attend Globalization Simorthe conferences BUT There were many campaigns in African countries against AIDSHIVKumar StigmaTeleology Africans need help West will come in and help It does not take African perspectives or integrate with the people The data is quantitative and did not ask for their opinions their voices were not researched therefore no qualitative data There is poor research Deaths were attributed to other diseases essentializes a whole continent and marginalizes people only quantitative methods There is an imagined idea of AIDSHIV in AfricaSimon KumarStigma of Asian womenResearch was based on social understandings Asian women are passive slaves of their culture and family With these stereotypes there was news of Asian women having a lot of abortionscausing health crisisLinked to Ziersch et al By saying Asian they generalize an entire continent and saying all women are the same due to Farmer Geography of their culture takes away their agency the unchanging woman cultural robotsBlame Treichler Continent in AgonyTherefore women were seen as victims and adhere to patriarchal society BUT Theyre also promiscuous because men take advantage of them
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