Week 8

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Global Asia Studies
Liang Chen

Week 8 What was the impact of the expansive reach of the Mongol empire on Eurasian trade (and cultural exchanges)? The impact that the expansive reach of the Mongol Empire on Eurasian trade had quite a few impacts, they could be broken down in three area: the impact on the conquered countries society and culture, the impact on intercontinental cultural exchanges, and the impact on intercontinental trade networks. On society and culture, Mongol reach affected Persia, India, and China. Mughal India was now an integration of different cultural traditions. The impact on intercontinental cultural exchanges was more visible; there was receptiveness to foreigners that introduced, new era of frequent and extended contacts across Eurasia. This was also a time where Arab and Indian sciencetechnology was transmitted to EuropeChina. The third impact on intercontinental trade networks allowed official policy to promote trade and travel. Provided facility and security for trade, reducing cost and barriers for trading. Pa
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