HISB31H3 Final: Final tutorial review

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2 Jan 2011

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Joseph chamberlain: panama canal, hawaii, japan, cuba, rise in population due to large scale emigration from europe. Eastern empire: empress ching, matthew perry, sun yatsen, meiji constitution, feudal system, constitutional monarchy, 21 demands, nagasaki, china, taxation of raw materials, ports. Bismarckian system: bismarck, france, prussia, austria & hungary, habsburg, russia. French revolution (1789 1799) was period of radical social and political upheaval in french and european history absolute monarchy that had ruled france for centuries collapsed in three years. French revolutionary wars started in 1792 and ultimately featured spectacular french victories that facilitated conquest of italian peninsula, low. Hubert-joseph henry, seeking to re-confirm dreyfus"s conviction, which were uncritically accepted by henry"s superiors: word of military court"s framing of dreyfus and of cover-up began to spread due to vehement public protestation in paris newspaper by writer emile. Frederick john dealtry lugard (22 january 1858 11 april 1945) was british soldier, explorer of africa and colonial administrator, who was.