HLTC22H3 : Summary of Lectures (Part 2)

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60% of adults have low health literacy to access and understand info related to their health. Best place in canada to suffer a heart attack calgary has easy access to angeoplasticy(unblock vessel to heart) 24 hours a day. More than 70% of adults have access to angioplasty. Only 15. 8% of adults in new brunswick have access to angioplasticy. Formal support home care services, informal support family care. 43% of informal caregivers are aged 45- 8,3/. 0307,943 have to balance care giving to the elderly and their working life. One in five canadians have high blood pressure, hyper tension. 1/3 20 yr sold will become overweight. Narrow arteries, less elastic, increased blood pressure heart failure . Case study questions: given these symptoms what condition do they have. _parkins438/80,80 elderly is growing, cognitive impairment is early signs of aging, but not everyone have it. Primary visual cortex, temporal lobe, primary sensory cortex, parietal lobe, frontal lobe www. notesolution. com.

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