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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Question 1 Match the following people to their correct contribution to smallpox: Koplik’s spots A. Exanthem Edward Jenner stage of measles Lady Mary B Exposure to measles Wortley Montague . C Enanthem stage of . measles John Clinch D Prodrome stage of . measles E Incubation period of Janet Parker . measles James Phipps Question 2 3C’s Air droplets Body rash Virus growth in lymph tissue www.notesolution.com Question 3 In order to determine measles infection tests can include: Answer A Serologic tests and fluorescent antibody . techniques B Isolation of the virus during the acute phase . C Isolation of the patient until they have . recovered D A and B . E A and C . Question 4 Measles is also known as: Answer A Soft . measles B Pink . measles C Rubeola . D A and B . E A and C . Question 5 Which of the following may be a complication related to measles? Answer A Encephaliti . s B Cancrum . oris C Kakke . www.notesolution.com D A and B . E A and C . Question 6 Answer Question 7 Panum’s 4 principles on measles relate to: incubation period, infectivity, contagion, and Answer Question 8 During which of the following stages is smallpox, the most infectious? Answer A During the first week, by coughing or by nasal . mucus B When the rash appears . C After the rash disappears and scabs have . fallen off D A a
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