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Caroline Barakat

Smallpox (Lecture 7) Clinical Manifestations: oIncubation period: 12-14 days oInfectious - day prior to the appears of the rash and until the scabs have separated o Symptoms: • High fever • Malaise • Rigors • Occasionally delirium • Headache • Pain in back & muscles • Children - sometimes vomiting, convulsions • Severest infections - extreme toxaemia, massive haemorrhaging oRash appears: 2-5 days later • Face, palms, the soles • Then eventually onto the trunk of body o In a few days, small pimples of rash turn into pustules o8th or 9th after first eruptions: drying and crusting of the pustules o3 or 4 weeks later: scabs fall off o Male infertility and blindness (1/3 of survivors) may occur Smallpox - Basic information & Etiology o Caused by virus: orthopoxvirus • Common name: Variola • Family: poxviridae oTwo main types: • variola major - mortality rate: 25%-30% • variola minor - mortality rate: 1% or less oAcute viral infection • No longer an active infection/has been successfully eradicated oStrictly a human disease o Epidemic every 5-15 years oCan survive for up to 2 days outside of human host oNo animal reservoir oClosely related to zoonotic diseases such as: cowpox, chickenpox & monkeypox o Could survive in scabs for considerable amounts of time oTransmissions usually occurred
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