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Linb29 week 1: intro and basics of r. Experimental vs non-experimental research: experimental research: treatments are given for a research purpose, ex. Placebo vs drug: majority of this course, non-experimental research: observe without research intervention, ex. Do you like duncan donuts or tims: survey, poll, field, historical research. Categorical distinction: recall in syntax how sentences were either acceptable or unacceptable. It is (cid:272)ategori(cid:272)al (cid:271)e(cid:272)ause there is (cid:374)othi(cid:374)g i(cid:374) (cid:271)et(cid:449)ee(cid:374), it(cid:859)s (cid:374)e(cid:448)er so(cid:373)e(cid:449)hat a(cid:272)(cid:272)epta(cid:271)le: recall in phonology how there are rules that change the way allophones of the same phoneme are realized. Example: acceptability: rate sentences on their acceptability: the empirical approach gives a spectrum to acceptable sentences which would be lost in categorical distinction. Example: devoicing: a phonetician will measure how devoiced a sound is empirically, ex. Are devoiced obstruents just like voiceless obstruents: a phonologist will note the categorical nature of voicing and devoicing of phonemes based on situation. In her tea, mary put milk and socks.

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