MDSA02H3 Final: lectures and textbook notes

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11 Apr 2011

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**key concepts that will be covered on the final exam. Lecture 2 key points: technology encourages major changes in social organization, history of communication is important to human history, all contemporary and communication technologies are extensions of basic, innate human, technological determinism: Technological determinism is a reductionist theory that communication capacities. presumes that a society"s technology drives the development of its social structure and cultural values. The medium is the message, mcluhan argues that technologies are not simply inventions which people employ but are the means by which people are re-invented. Videodrome: david cronenberg , canadian director of videodrome character brian o"blivion as a stand-in for marshall mcluhan. The film"s political and social implications are also much more serious: deep and widespread, offering a kind of postmodern paranoid model of manipulation of helpless private individuals by predatory corporate forces under conditions of universal technological penetration and colonization.

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