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Media Studies
Lisa Broda

Sociology 329.3, Midterm Exam Study Guide Topic #1: Historical -- know -- - Pre Enlightenment (Pre Classical) and Enlightenment (Classical approaches to crime and punishment - Classical approach was later modified to what is now known as the Neo-classical school (Postenlightenment). How do these three approaches differ? - What were the views of Rusche and Kirchheimer, Foucault, and Pratt on the changes in crime and punishment? What did Bentham and Beccaria have to say? - Which interpretation seems to make the most sense to you and why? - Identify and describe the eras of prison architecture and their accompanying philosophies of corrections. Discuss whether you think that prison architecture influences inmates, correctional officers, and the relationships that develop between the two groups, and within each group. Topic #2: Policing -- know -- - the historical and contemporary roles of the police - the police profession: frustrations, occupational subculture, critical social factors affecting policing - what does Kirkham have to say about policing - in the context of policing as a profession as discussed in class and in your readings, is policing a difficult career? How does it lend potentially lend itself to brutality and/or racial profiling? Topic #3: Legal Representation, Sentencing Options and Goals -- know -- - models of legal aid - what court options exist and what they are - problem-solving or therapeutic courts were introduced in this section and in Chapter 5 (community courts, drug courts, and mental health courts), are they a good idea or a bad idea? Substantiate your claim. - what are the goals of sentencing and you should be able to elaborate on what they are. Are they complementary? Why or
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