A+ Notes: Harvard Business Review articles (required for Midterm!)

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Management (MGT)
Hugh Mac Donald

The Science of PersuasionLikeness people like others like them create bonds find similarities give praise Reciprocity people repay favours help others they will help you back Social Proof people follow lead ofsimilar others peer pressure to influence horizontally Consistency people fulfill commitments active explicit or written public voluntary link commitment to values Authority expert power establish your expertise Scarcity people value scarce items give exclusive info loss language lose out if you dont act now leaders need to be persuasive to get ppl to do things for themformal power structures not as influential due to teamsuse principles in combinationethicallyTelling Talesstory narrative linking set of events in casual sequenceanalysis gives hard facts but doesnt inspire stories give compelling visionin corporate world no time for fully developed story focus on actual topic not characteruse neg to share knowledge pos to motivateall have to be realisticboring stories ex technical malfunctions are effective if describe causeeffectstories help ppl understand policies what to do in situa
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