MGMC30H3 Final: Study Notes for Final Exam

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Main areas (4: contract versus tort issues, employment law. Identification of sponsorship r ights (title, promoter, owner) 1: exclusivity, protection from liability (insurance, indemnity) 4: media rights, terms of contract, fees, merchandising r ights. Liabilities of event organizers for (4: participants: protection from unreasonable risks, spectators: a safe viewing area, creation of a waiver: to identify clearly who is protected and the risks involved, alcohol: taking into account special risks. Site/facility contracts include (6: lease versus license: exclusive possession versus permission for a specific purpose, landlord and tenant act, description of premises/use, terms, fees www. notesolution. com, set-up, takedown, maintenance, consession. Insurance: comprehensive and general liability insurance covers bodily injury, property damage and personal injury, policy limits, waivers, self-insurance, limitation periods, media signage. Risk factors to consider: vicarious liability, alcohol-smart serve designation (sip) Some human r ights organizations say that by supporting the olympics the sponsors are endorsing a host country that repeatedly violates its citizens" human r ights www. notesolution. com.