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22 Feb 2011

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MGTC59 Feb 25
Affirmative action:
-Anti discrimination laws r insufficient to equality, you need affirmative action
-Isnt affirmative action itself a kind of discrimination?
-Affirmative action is reverse discrimination because both the intent and the result of
it differ from that of the kind of discrimination were trying to get rid of.
-Intent: Which is to degrade or humiliate a certain group. (old fashioned)
-Affirmative action can only bring less qualified workers and enforce resentment
-If you think affirmative action brings resentment, then you must think that racial
prejudice has come to an end because you would think that any competent person is
able to get a job despite their race.
MGTC59 Mar 4
-Why should they hire black police officers in areas with high density of black people?
Is it more justifiable?
-The police officers might have more sensitivity when treating the black people than a
white officers would, as they have had more experiences with the black community
-The experience would be more pleasant when youre policing an urban black
-The citizens also react better not a legitimate reason however
-Abercrombie and fitch: only hire good looking people, is it justified?
-Abercrombie models are objectified, they are not salespeople, they are an object to
look at
- Abercrombie and Fitch hire people as part of the interior decor, how can you be
mad at being denied an opportunity to become an object
- Men who are affected by gender based affirmative action the men come with
women as well... married to women, family etc.
-The role model argument the reason we need to diversify is not just because we
want to currently help them but we need to aspire others such as women to enter such
certain institutions as well
-Bill Clinton is said to be the 1st black president because he grew up poor with single
mother, so he had more characteristics that most young black men can relate to
-Nobody can be a role model for anyone, because no one resembles anyone exactly
-Or everyone can be a role model for anyone
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