POLB50Y3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Second Party System, Formal System, Modernization Theory

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You need to understand people in order to understand politics. Information- using logic and reason to look at facts and make a decision. Predispositions- people making their decision because of intuition which comes from environment, religion, culture. Political culture: the sum total of the politically relevant values, beliefs attitudes, identities and orientations in a society. Includes feelings people have toward the overall political community of canada. Includes beliefs regarding the role of the state. David bell political culture: consists of the ideas, assumptions, values and beliefs that shape our understanding and behavior as citizens in the world of politics. It affects the way we use politics, the kinds of social problems we address, and the solutions we attempt. Political culture determines what is normal and acceptable and what is not. Political scientists use two principal methods of identifying the ingredients of political culture.

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