POLC71H3 Study Guide - Bacab, Toleration, Negative Liberty

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17 Dec 2010

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The theory argues that christ is a single body with its many limbs and organs, which, many as they are together make up one body. In doing so, it suggests that christianity is a universal religion that should be adopted by everyone and is necessary to accept for it leads to the salvation of the soul. These concepts of unity and hierarchy were used to justify papal authority. N universal christian commonwealth was an excuse used by the spaniards in order to justify their conquest of the americas. From: the first reflectio of the reverend father, brother franciscus de victoria. N positive law: it is conventional local law example laws of divorce, election procedures etc. It applies to residents, citizens and inhabitants of a place. This form of law also applies to tourists who are in the area. N natural law: comes from ones rational capabilities.

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