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Political Science
R Rice

ESSAY 1. Essay: Are new social movements effective vehicles for bringing about authentic development in the Global South? New Social Movements are effective vehicles for bringing about development in the Global South, but it depends heavily on the degree of democracy in the country. The more democratized a country, the less the level of corruption there will be. The least democratized countries have a higher level of corruption. New Social Movements have a participatory role in society and have the potential to contribute to make democracy and development. They aim to mobilize and crate a voice for themselves (not for overthrow, but to ensure survival). They are distinguished from traditional class-based movements by their emphasis on identity based politics, horizontal organizations, and opposition to traditional party politics. Focusing on gender issues, human rights, poverty, and a range of other concerns, NSMs have provided an important alternative to political parties, labour unions, and other mainstream political organizations. Although they can be effective in achieving specific concrete goals (eg. Argentinean picketers block roads and such to get concession for their demands and the government concurs ex. Same-sex marriages), t
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