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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

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Kosovo Each war is a product of its own particular geopolitical, geographical, political, socioeconomic and cultural context Kosovo crisis in the 1990s from a long standing political dispute into a full blown, violent conflict was a function of the destabilizing process unleashed by the disintegration of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia The motivations of Kosovo Albanians were primarily to liberate themselves from the increasingly oppressive rule of Serbia and gain independence Socioeconomic underdevelopment and the realities of a virtual apartheid, especially massive unemployment and interethnic inequality, were important factors The crisis originated in both the inability and the unwillingness of the local actors and the failure of the international actors involved in the region to peacefully manage the challenges prompted by the geopolitical changes in the region after the cold war Kosovo has been under Serb rule throughout most of the twentieth century Three important mo
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