Globalized War Economy

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

The Globalized War Economy War economy: refers to a system which is centralized, totalizing and autarchic Increase the efficiency of war and to maximize revenue to pay for the war The new wars are globalized wars They involve the fragmentation and decentralized of the state Participations is low relative to the population both because of lack of pay and because of lack of legitimacy One of the key characteristics of failing states is the loss of control over and fragmentation of the instruments of physical coercion The failure to control the territory and collect taxes weakens the revenue of the country New wars are characterized by a multiplicity of types of fighting units both public and private, state and non-state or some kind of mixture In many African and post soviet states, soldiers no longer receive training or regular pay Many were seen as losers Self defence units are composed of volunteers who try to defend their localities Foreign mercenaries include both individuals on contract to particular fighting units as well as mercenary bands The techniques of warfare are due to the types of warfare th
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