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Political Science
Waldemar Skrobacki

ASEAN httpwwwinternationalgccaasiapacificasiepacifiqueaseananaseaspxlangengviewd Association of Southeast Asian NationsFounded in 1967 by Indonesia Malaysia the Philippines Singapore ThailandObjectives Accelerate economic growth social progress cultural development promote regional peace and security obtain economic community by 2015 httpwwwaseanorgaseanaboutasean AIMS AND PURPOSESAccelerate economic growth social progress and cultural development in region through joint endeavours in spirit of equality and partnership to strengthen foundation for a prosperous and peaceful community of Southeast Asian NationsPromote regional peace and stability through abiding respect for justice and rule of law in relationship among countries of the region and adherence to principles of the United Nations CharterPromote active collaboration and mutual assistance on matters of common interest in economic social cultural technical scientific and administrative fieldsProvide assistance to each other in form of training and research facilities in educational professional technical and administrative spheresCollaborate more effectively for the greater utilisation of their agriculture and industries the expansion of their trade including the study of problems of international commodity trade the improvement of their transportation and communications facilities and the raising of the living standards of their peoplesPromote Southeast Asian studies Maintain close and beneficial cooperation with existing international and regional organisations with similar aims and purposes and explore all avenues for even closer cooperation among themselvesFUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLESIn relations with one another ASEAN Member States have adopted the following fundamental principles as contained in the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia TAC of 1976Mutual respect for the independence sovereignty equality territorial integrity and national identity of all nationsRight of every State to lead its national existence free from external interference subversion or coercionNoninterference in the internal affairs of one anotherSettlement of differences or disputes by peaceful mannerRenunciation of the threat or use of force andEffective cooperation among themselvesMember states Brunei Darussalam CambodiaIndonesia Lao PDR Malaysia Myanmar Philippines Singapore Thailand Viet NamThe Globalization of World PoliticsGeopolitical and economic organization of several countries located in Southeast AsiaInitially formed as display of solidarity against Communism aims have now been redefined and broadened to include acceleration of economic growth and promotion of regional peaceBy 2005 ASEAN countries had combined GDP of 884 billion Started as against communism Bretton Woods System Globalization A Very Short IntroductionEstablished towards end of WWII in New EnglandNew international economic orderMajor economic powers of global North reversed their economic policies from the interwar period o High tariffs on imported goods to protect national economyCreate stable money exchange system with each countrys value fixed to fixed gold value of US Nations are free to determine permeability of their bordersAllows nations to make their own economic and political agendasSet institutional foundation for three international economic organizations o IMF for administering international monetary system o International Bank for Reconstruction and Development IBRD which later became World Bank WB initially for providing loans to Europepost war countries for reconstruction purpose expanded in 1950 to fund industrial projects in developing countrieso General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade GATT as global trade organization to fashion and enforce multilateral trade agreements o World Trade Organization WTO is the successor of GATT focal point of controversy over design and effects of economic globalizationIn operation for 30 yearContributed to golden age of controlled capitalism National govt controlled money flows in and outHigh taxation rates on wealthy individuals and profitable corporations led to expansion of welfare stateRising wages and increased social services in wealthy countries of global North offered workers entry into middle classCollapsed in 1970sDemise strengthened new global economic order based on expanding free marketsIMF and WBs objectives of providing loans became connected to Wests political objective of containing communism After fall of Soviet Union economic agenda of IMF and WB synchronized neoliberal interests to integrate and deregulate markets httpenwikipediaorgwikiBrettonWoodssystemMonetary management establishing rules for commercial and financial relations among worlds major industrial states First example of fully negotiated monetary order intended to govern relations amongst independent nationstatesEstablished International Monetary Fund IMF and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development IBRDObligation for each country to adopt monetary policy maintaining exchange rate by tying its currency to US dollar and ability of IMF to bridge temporary imbalance of payments System ended in 1971 when President Nixon terminated the convertibility of US dollar to gold The Globalization of World Politics
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