PSYA01H3 Study Guide - Zygosity, Parental Investment, Foxp2

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Biological evolution: changes that take place in the genetic and physical characteristics of a population or group of organisms over time. Darwin"s theory that is not he primary explanation of the origin of life. Adaptive significance: the effectiveness of behaviour in aiding organisms to adjust to changing environmental conditions. N novelty seeking: the tendency to engage in behaviours that lead to new experiences. N psychologists might research how past environmental conditions favoured novelty seeking over more conservative reactions and how immediate environmental influences day-to-day choices. Ultimate causes: evolutionary conditions that have slowly shaped the behaviour of a species over generations. Proximate causes: immediate environment events and conditions that affect behaviour. Evolutionary psychology: the branch of psychology that studies the ways in which an organism"s evolutionary history contributes to the development of behavioural patterns and cognitive strategies related to reproduction and survival during its lifetime.

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