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PSYB32H3 Study Guide - Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders, Eugen Bleuler, Genetic Counseling

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Chapter 11: Schizophrenia
Multiple Choice
1.D no essential symptom for diag. of schizo. But has to go on for 1 month than 5
slow (6 total)
2.C thought disorder = disorganized speech, anhedonia is lack of pleasure
6.C Heinrichs and Ward subtypes executive (cant sort), motor (cant move) and intact
congition NOT cataonic
7.A family studies of genetic basis for schizo look at rate of schizo in relatives of
schizo. patients
8.A dopamine responsible for mostly pos. symptoms
9.B social selection theory says shcizo causes poverty. Sociegenic says poverty causes
11.C extrapyrammidal side effects are dysfunction of nerve tracts like parkinsons
12.D Hogartys approach is cognitive enhance therapy, using computers to train attn,
mem, problem solving, and social cog. skills
13.C Lehmann introduced narcoleptics to N.A.
Short Answer
1.Neg. symptoms of schizo, avolition/apathy (lack of motivation), anhedonia (lack of
pleasure), alogia (lack of speech), flat affect (lack of emotions), associalitiy (lack of
2.Krapelin Dementia Praecox - early onset, worsening intellect (more specific)
Bleuler Schizo difficulty thinking and communicating (more general, like NA)
3.DSM requires schizo diag to have it for 6 months b/c it narrows it down. < 6 months
is schizopheniform
4. He has paranoid schizo
5.Low reliability of DSM IV subcats of schizo has inspired better division maybe with
pos., neg., and mixed sypmptoms
6.Comorbidity in schizo is high with substance abuse, depression, OCD, PTSD, and
other psychotic symptoms
7.3 weaknesses of dopamine theory of schizo:
a)Drugs block dopamine receptors quickly, but takes long to work
b)Has to reduce dopamine to below normal
c)Newer drugs target other neurotrans.
8.Enlarged ventricles are there if brain shrunk. Loss of subcortical e.g. prefrontal
cortex tissue.
9.Research showed schizo more common in moms exposed to flu during pregnancy.
10.Schizo is def more common in lower social classes so it is not continous progression,
it is decidedly more common.
11.Hodgkinss genetic counseling lets patients and relatives know risk of children
having a schizo because they are predisposed to it.
12.Case managers coordinate services provided team and community. Let them know
where to get help. Reduce hospitalization and improve adjustment