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Steve Joordens

The focus of the ______ approach was to help people realize their full potential Humanistic According to Sigmund Freud, the unconscious part of our mind largely influences our conscious thoughts, feelings, and actions in our daily lives. This idea formed the basis for which theory? Psychoanalytic theory Wundt favored a view that saw the “mind” as being made up of basic elements. Therefore, he saw the mind as being able to be broken down into basic elements. What would this view be called more formally? Structuralism The normal distribution features data you have collected in a bell-shaped frequency distribution. What is another name for this phenomenon? Gaussian distribution Recall that Professor Joordens talked a lot about the history of psychology. Which country did he say psychology was founded in and largely developed? Germany Wundt was a german – first psych lab Psychology is the scientific study of _______ and _______. Mind and behaviour Psychoanalysis was a hot topic in the 1910s-1920s and behaviorism was the next great movement from 1930s-1950s. Which theoretical viewpoint dominated next, often called the third wave of thought? Cognitive What is the textbook's definition of validity? Measurement and property – conceptually related Freud’s approach to studying psychology was through psychoanalysis? What did this actually consist of doing? Bringing unconscious material into conscious world What is needed to calculate a correlation? Of all those need to compute a correlation From reading Chapter 1, it should have become clear that psychology was founded with deeply entrenched roots in the study of _____. Philosophy Evolutionary psychology attempts to link the mind and behavior to ______? Natural selection In lecture, Professor Joordens commented that what the early biologists like Darwin were doing were looking for species and then categorizing them. Trying to figure out where species fit in the overall picture. This didn't go far enough, however, in understanding why species were grouped together. What area of psychology did he relate this to? Structuralism A psychological field that largely studied perception and visual processes in Germany was _______. Gestalt The SIMPLEST measure of variability for a set of data is called what? Range The ______ refers to our private inner experience, while _______ refers to the observable actions of humans and nonhuman animals. Mind and behaviour Professor Joordens talked about why theories like creationism and Freud's psychoanalytical theory are not well perceived by scientists. What did Professor Joordens explain was the main critical reason for this? Lack of falsifiability James’ disagreement with Wundt’s approach coincided with the introduction which new approach to studying the mind? Functionalism During the discussion of cultural psychology, the textbook mentions that a(n) _______ view holds that culture makes little or no difference for psychological phenomena, while the ________ view holds that culture is an important cont
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