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David Nussbaum

Chapter 11 Grand tour question 1. A qualitative interview follows a preplanned outline of topics a. Begins with a few simple questions that gather background information while building rapport 2. Simple questions are followed by grand tour questions a. Meant to elicit lengthy narratives Field notes 1. Notes are the primary means of recording participant observation data 2. Writing extensive notes is too disruptive 3. Jot down brief notes about highlights of the observation period a. Called jottings i. Serve as memory joggers when writing the actual field notes at a later session 4. Helps to maintain daily log 5. Try to identify the who what where when why and how of activities in their setting 6. Should suggest new concepts, causal connections and theoretical propositions 7. Include methodology 8. Include own feelings to account for bias Field researcher 1. Adopt a role that involves some active participation in the setting 2. Participate in group activities to develop rapport and gain direct sense of what group members experience 3. Disadvantage a. Can begin to function as participant and forget their role b. Participants can forget the role of observers Focus groups 1. Unique data collection strategy that combines some elements of the two approaches of participant observation and intensive interviewing 2. A qualitative method that involves unstructured group interview in which the focus group leader actively encourages discussion among participants on the topics of interest Jottings 1. Brief notes about highlights of the observation period 2. Serve as memory joggers when writing the actual field notes at a later session Matrix Part
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